Alpha Realty Marketing

Our goal is to build a reputation as the market leader in Residential and Commercial Real Estate and we have firm believe that we will get on the strength of our innovative approach, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service. Dhanyal Real Estate is Islamabad, Pakistan based full-service real estate company. Our senior executives have almost 30 years experience of marketing and advertising of real estate. Familiarity with the market is necessary to advertise your project effectively. Our team uses their best knowledge according to marketing techniques to select the advertising mediums that are just right for sale of your project and engage the attention of the greatest number of persons, who are concerned. We provide, the efficient services comprising of fruitful efforts to sale the project with the most immediate effecting results in a very short time period. Dhanyal Real Estate is the name to achieve high prospective goals through the efforts of highly qualified, experienced, loyal, hard working and intellectual staff. Buying or selling a property is a very individual experience, for many people. Their home is the single largest investment they will ever make and Dhanyal Real Estate are committed to offer every client, the personalized service they deserve, in order to form life-long relationships. Dhanyal Real Estate offer the services of highly qualified, goal achiever, experienced and intellectual staff to get the best result in a very limited time. Thus, key to success counts at the project information produced by experienced staff in a decent way to produce good results. By the grace of Allah Almighty, Dhanyal Real Estate comprises of such dependable and experienced staff. All of the printing material including flyers, data info brochures, marketing stuff, application forms, printing data will be included in the offer. All of the stuff will be standardized and data info will be introduced in a comprehensive manner. This advertisement costs you nothing extra. Success of any project in worth mentioning time depends upon the sales at immediate basis. Aggressive media campaign is the key to success. Dhanyal Real Estate got the comprehensive name in the field of marketing regarding media campaign. All of the campaign comprises of media will be produced and supervised by our highly experienced staff. Dhanyal Real Estate serves to comfort your need. This is our motto and when we handle a real estate project, the client is kept informed regarding market position & sales. We hope, you will find our services the best among others. SO TRUST ON Dhanyal Real Estate TO HANDLE YOUR NEXT REAL ESTATE PROJECT.